Special Edition DVD – coming Jan 25, 2011

On Wed, January 25, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” will debut a Special Edition DVD of the film. Sporting a crisp new wide screen transfer, the disc offers a host of extras which add richness and depth  to the movie itself.


Audio Commentaries – with filmmakers Joe Winston and Laura Cohen, and author Thomas Frank.  They’ll take you inside the making of the film and directly connect people and events depicted in the film to today’s Tea Party Movement.

Extended and Deleted Scenes

Exclusive extended and additional scenes not shown in theaters including:
•   Christian home schooling (extended)
•   Patrick Henry College (extended)
•   The late Dr. George Tiller and his  adversaries (extended)
•   Inside the Pro-Life movement (deleted)
•   Angel Dillard chooses conservative Christianity (extended)
•   Farmer Donn Teske on free markets (deleted)

Audience Q&A

Delve deeper into the revelations of the conservative movement with author Thomas Frank, and filmmakers Laura Cohen and Joe Winston in this insightful audience Q&A filmed at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.

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You’ll  be able to buy the DVD from us, from Amazon.com and many other leading retailers.  You’ll also be able to rent it on Netflix and see the movie (without extras) on Amazon.com’s Video on Demand Service.  Soon, the movie will come to other digital platforms as well, be sure to ask for it!

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