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The documentary film What’s the Matter with Kansas? expands on the themes of Thomas Frank’s NY Times best-selling book, and has garnered considerable acclaim.  Click on the icons on the left of each review to link to the original.

Suntimes stacked Press Kit3 half stars Press Kit Roger Ebert named the movie one of the Ten Best Documentaries of 2009, writing, “I’ve rarely seen a documentary quite like it. It has a point to make but no ax to grind.  It doesn’t connect the dots, nor does it need to.  It takes no cheap shots.  It is all there to see.”

examiner dc Press Kit5 stars Press Kit“In some ways exceeds the book…I strongly urge readers to head over to see the most thought-provoking documentary in some time.”

Village Voice Press Kit“Carefully cultivating a nonjudgmental tone that’s largely free of condescension—no small achievement—the filmmaker’s approach pays off in the final reel, when everyone’s dilemmas touch us.”

SF Examiner logo Press Kit“For an engrossing visit to another world — one that doesn’t involve 3-D glasses — What’s the Matter With Kansas? is the film to see.”

SF Chronicle 2lines Press Kit

“A fascinating and, really, heartbreaking doc….What’s beautiful about the movie is its lack of judgment by the filmmakers. They just let their subjects – good people whom you like – talk. Draw your own conclusions.”

logo TimeOutChicago Press Kit4 stars2 Press Kit“Winston presents us with a broad view of Kansas and Kansans.  He’s chosen to interview people in depth and let them speak at length.   That’s the mark of a good documentary.”

lincoln journal star Press Kit4 stars2 Press Kit“The only thing a filmmaker can do is ‘shine a flashlight’ on the conflict and hope that it contributes to discussion and meaningful dialogue that might bring the country together. ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas?’ does that in captivating fashion.

urban tulsa weekly Press Kit

“Interesting, compelling, quite funny, and stays true to the ideas behind Frank’s own questions about the historical conundrum of Kansas. Highly recommended.”

film threat Press Kit

3 half stars Press KitWhat’s the Matter With Kansas? is another solidly produced addition to this welcome wave of meaningful cinema.”

ITT Press Kit

“A funny, smart and important look at the intersection of religion and politics in America today.  It’s a movie that needs to be seen in both red and blue states, by liberals and conservatives alike.”

variety daily SM Press Kit “Other documentarians have approached the denizens of the heartland as if on safari. The filmmakers spend enough time with those profiled to get a sense of what led them to where they are.”

The Oklahoman Logo Press Kit 3 stars2 Press KitWhat’s the Matter with Kansas? feels like the truth. No one on either side is treated like a caricature.”

chicago tribune Press Kit 3 stars2 Press KitThis documentary succeeds because it tells the right number of stories, maintaining a progressive heartland point of view without behaving like a jerk with those on the other side of the fence.”

Bluraysource2 Press Kit“I watched this movie with my mouth agape for most of it. The test a good documentary is if two sides of an issue can sit down together and have a real debate after viewing it leading to new understandings on both sides.  For my part it definitely ‘got my Irish up’ as they say, but ultimately I was better for having watched it.

Film yap Press Kit “Director Joe Winston does an excellent job of letting everybody tell their own story without pushing his own agenda. There is no narrator and nothing seems like it’s being exploitive.  This is a perfect building block for some great questions about the nature and polarizing effects of politics today.”

Makingthemovie Press Kit “There could not be a better time to check out this film than right now, with politicians on both sides of the aisle calling for a new era of civility. As a person from the heartland, it was refreshing to see my fellow Kansas represented so respectfully. Big recommend.”

chicago reader logo Press KitEntertaining and eye-opening.  Without passing judgment, director Joe Winston follows several fascinating subjects.” “Cohen and Winston are clearly filmmakers to watch out for.

KC Active grab Press Kit

“As a native Kansan, I’m grateful he chose not to look at us as a bunch of stupid rubes… If Winston had chosen to look at his subjects in a demeaning light, he might have missed some sequences that are so surreal that even Salvador Dali or Luis Bunuel couldn’t have conceived them.”

Salon com SM Press Kit noted our exclusive coverage of recently-slain Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller and his adversaries in the Pro-Life movement.

LA Times SM Press KitThe LA Times found the movie puts a human face on Thomas Frank’s best-seller.”

MSNBC Press Kit Watch MSNBC’s Alex Witt interview Joe Winston and Thomas Frank on the occasion of the movie’s New York Premiere.

Bob Edwards Weekend Press Kit Listen to Thomas Frank and Joe Winston talk to broadcasting legend Bob Edwards about the journey from page to screen making “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” on Bob Edwards Weekend 3/26/10.

The Note Press Kit

Watch Thomas Frank and Joe Winston talk to ABC News’ Rick Klein and David Chalian about how the themes of the movie hold up in today’s political climate on ABC’s Top Line 3/19/10.

CPR Press Kit

Listen to Thomas Frank, Joe Winston and Laura Cohen talk with WBEZ’s Allison Cuddy on “Eight Forty-Eight” 9/17/09.

huffingtonPostLogo Press KitWatch Mark Bazer interview director Joe Winston on “The Interview Show” in October 2009.

Joe Winston’s previous film work includes the documentary, “The Burning Man Festival,” and the cable TV series This Week in Joe’s Basement. Laura Cohen is a veteran of film and TV productions, including The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman.

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ChildNotChoiceS Press Kit

A Child Not a Choice - Angel Dillard's barn PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Cohen

GreensburgTornadoS Press Kit

Greensburg, KS wreckage from a 2007 tornado PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Cohen

DonnTeskeS Press Kit

Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske PHOTO CREDIT: T.W. Li

BrittanyRallyS Press Kit

Brittany Barden and her dad cheer Kansas Atty Gen. Phill Kline (R) PHOTO CREDIT: Dana Kupper

JoeLauraS Press Kit

Filmmakers Joe Winston & Laura Cohen. PHOTO CREDIT: Jim Newberry

MTLiggettS Press Kit

Kansas artist M. T. Liggett protests FEMA's rebuilding of Greensburg, KS / PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Winston

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