The Movie

3 half stars About One of the Ten Best Documentaries of 2009... I’ve rarely seen a documentary quite like it. It has a point to make but no ax to grind.  It doesn’t connect the dots, nor does it need to.  It takes no cheap shots.  It is all there to see.” -- Roger Ebert

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Angel Dillard


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Brittany Barden


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Donn Teske

What’s the Matter with Kansas? plunges viewers into the heart of Middle America.

Angel Dillard helps run the most popular booth at the Kansas State Fair: Kansans For Life. She’s a lifelong Republican activist.

Brittany Barden is a tireless veteran of several rounds of Republican campaigns. Her mission is to return America to its roots as “a Christian nation.” She’s 18 years old.

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Joe Winston & Laura Cohen

Donn Teske describes himself as “a red-neck Kansas farmer.” He also says corporate greed is “not very Christian.” He fights to save his family farm and others like it.

Suddenly, the winds of change blow across Kansas.

Keep watching – you’ll be surprised who you’re rooting for…

Produced by Laura Cohen and Joe Winston. Laura is a veteran of film and television production and Joe is the director of The Burning Man Festival and This Week in Joe’s Basement. They live and work in Chicago.

You can access reviews of the movie and interviews with the filmmakers from our press page.

Contact the filmmakers at info at whatsthematterwithkansas.com

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The Book

Thomas Frank’s book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” stayed on the New York Times best-seller list for an incredible 38 weeks.

“The best political book of the year.”
-Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

“Frank is a formidable controversialist-imagine Michael Moore with a trained brain and an intellectual conscience.”
-George F. Will, The Washington Post

-Barbara Ehrenreich, The New York Times

“Mr. Frank re-injects economic-class issues into the debate with sardonic vehemence.”
-Jerome Weeks, The Dallas Morning News

“A searing piece of work . . . one of the most important political writings in years.”
-The Boston Globe

“Dazzlingly insightful and wonderfully sardonic . . . Frank has made much sense of the world in this book.”
-Chicago Tribune

“Impassioned, compelling . . . Frank’s books mark him as one of the most insightful thinkers of the twenty-first century, four years into it.”
-Houston Chronicle

“Very funny and very painful . . . Add another literary gold star after Thomas Frank’s name.”
-San Francisco Chronicle


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