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Denver area screening - April 15, 2010 - One night only!


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Wichita reacts to "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

B. H., you’d be pleased to know that the “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” movie features a visit to Girard and the Appeal To Reason / Haldeman-Julius Archives in Pittsburg, KS, as well as numerous references to Kansas’ progressive Populist history, including a visit to the Garden of Eden in Lucas.

San Francisco Landmark screenings Jan 1-7

Hugo, the home page has an email sign-up form. You can also subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed by clicking on the link on toolbar at the very bottom of the page.

One of the Ten Best Documentaries of 2009

No connection. That’s an episode of the TV Series NOW with David Brancaccio.

From the mouths of Sarah Palin fans

You’ve nailed the central mystery for liberals and progressives – why are those who feel screwed by big business and such drawn to the conservatives?

Our short answer: the right wing today has mastered the populist style. When liberals are in power – like Obama – their mouths fill with marbles and, more importantly, they jump on board the centrist bandwagon and hand out billions to corporations. If you’re angry at the state of the world, the only liberal who is talking to you directly is Michael Moore.

Mr. Ibbetson begs to differ

Gotta agree with you there – the Kansas State Fair is wonderful, we had a great time there.

Mr. Ibbetson begs to differ

All the more reason we’re eager to hear from Mr. Ibbetson about what the movie is, not what he supposes it might be, without having seen it.

Mr. Ibbetson begs to differ

Readers of this blog should know that every single one of the Kansas conservatives who we filmed has seen the movie and likes it a lot. Most of them saw it twice – once on DVD, and again in front of a big crowd at the 2008 Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita.

They praised us, in front of an auditorium of hundreds of Kansans at last year’s Tallgrass Film Festival, for our fair treatment of Kansans, allowing them to tell their own stories.

We await with interest Mr. Ibbetson’s review of the film, as opposed to Mr. Frank’s book, once he has seen it.

Oklahoma! "What’s The Matter With Kansas?" to play in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Yes, the Kansas Dems are having a Wichita screening, they will supply details and we will post. It looks like there will also be one in Topeka soon as well. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the new blog, new web site

Deborah –

Still working on bringing the movie back to Kansas, where it belongs. Bug your local art house movie theater, ask them to request it!


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