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Ambivalent about "Occupy"

Ambivalent about “Occupy”

Roger Ebert, one the country’s most respected film critics, is a prolific writer with many interests, including politics (he is an outspoken liberal.) ¬†Today, he weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street Movement which swept the country this fall. Whereas many liberals and progressives are relieved that a leftist movement has finally captured the public’s […]

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Republican pollster: don't say "capitalism!"

Republican pollster: don’t say “capitalism!”

“I’m so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death…They’re having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism.”
Those were the words of Frank Lunz, a master Republican pollster and strategist, when he spoke recently to the Republican Governors Association meeting. ¬†Apparently, the popularity of Occupy Wall Street is a big […]

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