“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” honored by POV

We were pleased to discover that POV, the acclaimed and reliable outlet for independently produced documentaries on PBS television, included “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” when compiling a United States of Documentaries, a list of the best documentaries covering each of the 50 states.

As the POV bloggers write,

The United States of Documentaries is a representation of the best documentaries each state of our great union has produced. When I say produced, I mean the main story and subject are set in that state. And when I say best, it could either be that the film itself is great, or that its connection to the state is the most unique or telling.

Documentaries bring us closer to the world. We get to go places we normally can’t, and learn about fascinating people and important issues that might otherwise be ignored. But just how comprehensive is our understanding of our own country, based on the documentaries we see? What you see before you takes a first stab at answering that question.


Sharing a list with the Maysles Brothers, Barbara Kopple, Steve James, and many of our other favorite documentary filmmakers is a great honor indeed.  We certainly found that many Kansans find the movie to be true to Kansans, even if Kansas liberals and moderates wish it weren’t.

If you visit the POV site, you’ll get a chance to weigh in on your opinion.


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