Kentucky looks to add another Creation Theme Park

Answers in Genesis, the organization which designed and built the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, has launched a new project for Kentucky:  Ark Encounter.

Slated to open in 2014, this $150 million Biblical Theme Park seeks to re-create Noah’s Ark and “show its feasibility.”  The ark will be 500 feet long and include live animals (though apparently it’s not clear how many, or whether there will be two of each.)  The park will also feature a Tower of Babel and a First-Century Middle Eastern village.

Governor Steve Beshear is seeking $37 million worth of tax incentives for the project, which should create 900 jobs.  Opponents have been, understandably, quite scathing, posing some uncomfortable questions at a recent press conference:

You can see more of the Press Conference here (scroll down.)

We visited the Creation Museum shortly after its opening in 2007, and it’s seen in “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” from the vantage point of its supporters.  We can attest to the excellent quality and showmanship of its exhibits, and expect nothing less from Ark Encounter.

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