Wikileaks set to take on corporate America

Forbes has put Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on its cover, featuring an interview in which he declares his intention to expose secret documents of an unnamed large American bank.

Assange, who was also profiled in a July issue of the New Yorker, has enemies in corridors of power around the world, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Lionized by many, he’s been featured on featured on TED Talks, but he’s also wanted by Interpol since his outstanding warrent for an alleged rape, this native Australian is on a crusade to create a version of an open society none of us have ever seen before.  As Andy Greenberg writes in Forbes:

Admire Assange or revile him, he is the prophet of a coming age of involuntary transparency. Having exposed military misconduct on a grand scale, he is now gunning for corporate America. Does Assange have unpublished, damaging documents on pharmaceutical companies? Yes, he says. Finance? Yes, many more than the single bank scandal we’ve been discussing. Energy? Plenty, on everything from BP to an Albanian oil firm that he says attempted to sabotage its competitors’ wells. Like informational IEDs, these damaging revelations can be detonated at will.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Assange is how he violates all the traditional political categories.  Is he a liberal? Libertarian?  Completely amoral? In his powerful opposition to powerful institutions of any stripe, he’s done plenty to anger people across the political spectrum.

Don’t miss the comments on the Forbes article and accompanying interview, both of which are well worth a read.

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