The Tax that started the Tea Party?

We stumbled across an item that Chris Douglas posted in FrumForum, that, while a couple months old, is more provocative than anything we’ve read since the election:

After Rick Santelli, a CNBC reporter, called on the floor of the Chicago commodities exchange for folks to converge in Chicago for a Tea Party, a spontaneous series of demonstrations emerged.  Being a former intelligence officer, however, I could not but note that a tell-tale clue had been left that sophisticated hands had long been at work.  Apparently, had been registered quietly as a domain name the preceding year, in 2008, before the election had even taken place.  A little Googling seemed to connect those strings (and more) that Jane Mayer has identified related to the Koch brothers. But why the Koch brothers? At least one obvious answer is the estate tax.

The crux of Douglas’ argument is that just one item of the Bush agenda – eliminating the 55% tax on large estates, which of course very few of us enjoy – is powerful enough to justify creating an entire political movement to preserve it. The entire piece is well worth a read.

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