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Video: Sam Brownback as you've never seen him

Video: Sam Brownback as you’ve never seen him

The New York Times notes that, if elected – which seems virtually certain – Sam Brownback would become Kansas’ most conservative governor in decades.
While the governor’s office has flipped back and forth between moderate Republicans and Democrats, Mr. Brownback would be the first conservative to hold the office in at least a half century.
“At this […]

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"The Assassination of Dr. Tiller" special to air on MSNBC

“The Assassination of Dr. Tiller” special to air on MSNBC

On Monday, October 25, 9:00 PM Eastern Time,  The Rachel Maddow Show will present an hour-long documentary special, “The Assassination of Dr, Tiller.”
The abortion doctor was slain in his church in Wichita on May 31, 2009.  His murderer, Scott Roeder, has been convicted to life in prison without possibility of parole. Dr. Tiller’s status as one […]

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Could eccentric Tea-Party-backed candidates distract from their backers' agenda?

Could eccentric Tea-Party-backed candidates distract from their backers’ agenda?

In Sunday’s New York Times, Frank Rich suggests that focusing on the eccentricities of some of the insurgent Republican candidates — dabbling in witchcraft, expressing suppport for Scientology — only serves to distract voters from the wealthy interests that they would serve if elected.  His prime example is the controversial Christine O’Donnell of Delaware:
While O’Donnell’s résumé has proved […]

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