Brownback challenged from his Right

It looks like the latest challenge to the political right in Kansas is…the even further right?

Joan Heffington of Derby, KS recently announced her candidacy for governor of Kansas, pitting herself directly against the current GOP front-runner, Senator Sam Brownback. The Topeka Capitol-Journal reports:

Heffington, a Derby resident who has never held political office, said insight into how she would tackle the daunting statewide political race and her approach to governing Kansas was covered by Matthew 6:33: “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

She attempts to be faithful to that train of thought and is convinced more Kansans should do likewise. Failure to adhere to the God-first mantra breeds corruption, especially prevalent in the legal system, and is directly tied to the state’s economic tailspin, she said.

“We’re a Christian nation, and I feel we need to get back to those principles,” said Heffington, who believes the United States has lost its moral compass. “I see our nation going down further and further.”

Heffington’s running mate is Mark Holick, pastor of Spirit One Christian Center in Wichita. Holick made political news for posting on the church’s marquee a declaration to America: “We have a Muslim president. This is a sin against the Lord!”

Brownback, who would have to be viewed as a heavy favorite, seems to already embody the qualities that Heffington feels are lacking in American political life. He has made a career of integrating Christian values with politics; a Rolling Stone profile describes him both as “God’s Senator” and “the very center of  the Christian conservative uprising.”

So far, Heffington’s statements don’t directly criticize Brownback, but the Topeka Capitol-Journal notes that she “isn’t shy about challenging authority.” Heffington is the founder of Association of Honest Attorneys, or AHA! and author and publisher of “Ten Secrets You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer.”

Both candidates espouse the same political objectives, particularly the push for a weaker government and the abolition of the separation between church and state, so it will be interesting to see how they confront each other as the competition heats up.


Joan Heffington, GOP primary challenger to Sam Brownback for Kansas governor


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  1. veteran
    March 30, 2010

    I wonder if Brownback is going to be mixed up between federal government and state issues when he starts to campaign for governor. My guess, he will try to wear both hats, unconsciously, and wreck Kansas like he helped wreck our federal government as a U.S Senator that creating a national deficit and loss of jobs.


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