“Tea Party” more popular than Republicans or Democrats

NY Times columnist David Brooks is worried by a recent Wall Street Journal / NBC News Poll which shows the “Tea Party” demonstrators to be more popular than either of the two major political parties.  He sees a revolt against “the educated class,” of which he — and his readers — are presumably members.

The Wall Street Journal and most outlets emphasize the trouble this spells for the ruling Democratic Party, which is slipping in popularity.  It’s not hard to imagine why, since the bailouts of banks and car companies were tremendously unpopular, and the vast sums given to bailouts has dwarfed any assistance for most Americans, whose economic plight is worsening quickly.  (Slate’s interactive map of job losses across the country is very instructive – notice that much of it has happened since Obama took office.)

However, it’s not a great time to be a Republican, either.  The party is still very unpopular and a Rassmussan poll finds “Republican” placing third place in a generic ballot (Here the Dems lead the Tea Party demonstrators.)

Finally, there is no Tea Party.  It’s not a Political Party and none of its members must govern.  Hence, perfect job approval ratings.

So what we’re left with is an American public that is tremendously angry and is pretty clear about why.  The question is: will anyone in government do anything about it before it explodes?

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