Scott Roeder found guilty of first-degree murder of Dr. George Tiller

Today, the Wichita Eagle reports, a Wichita jury found Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of Dr. George Tiller.  He faces a life sentence for the crime.

For those who feared that the trial would become a referendum on the abortion issue, or the Pro-Life movement, or that a lenient verdict would embolden future extremists to target abortion doctors — none of that happened.

The judge did permit Roeder to explain to the jury his motive for killing Dr. Tiller – his horror at abortion and the desire to prevent Tiller from performing more of them.  But the jury was unmoved by this testimony.

In the end, Roeder is being treated as a common criminal, a lone nut.

Ironically, this is the preferred outcome of both the Pro-Choice and mainstream Pro-Life movements.

UPDATE: for a much more detailed look at Scott Roeder and his crime, check out this article in, of all places, GQ Magazine.




Defendant Scott Roeder leaves the courtroom. PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Tuttle, WIchita Eagle.


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