Tea-Party: The Documentary Film

The “Tea Party” movement has inspired a documentary film by FreedomWorks, an organization which also helped fund the movement.  The premiere was held last night at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, with special guests including Congressman Jim DeMint and others.

The Heritage Foundation reports:

From the opening scenes of “Tea Party: The Documentary Film,” one thing is perfectly clear: the “Tea Party” movement is not about Republicans or Democrats; it’s about ordinary Americans shocked into action by their government’s intervention in the market, Wall Street bailouts, and a path toward national health care.

That action took the form of a grassroots movement of men and women across the country, motivated to take back their government and make their voices heard to their representatives in Washington. In “Tea Party: The Documentary Film,” that story is passionately told through the eyes of six ordinary Americans who found a common cause in making a pilgrimage to their nation’s capitol on September 12, 2009.

Those individuals were on hand at the movie’s premier last night in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, along with former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Senator Jim DeMint, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Tom Price and Rep. Joe Wilson. They were greeted by a crowd of 200 men and women, young and old, who celebrated the triumphant spirit of the movie and the Tea Party movement that inspired it.

Mike Madden of Salon.com was at the premiere, too:

Considering it celebrated a movie about a movement that prides itself on its rough edges, surly resistance to government and populist spirit, the D.C. premiere Wednesday night of “Tea Party: The Documentary Film” made for kind of a strange affair. To begin with, the event was held in a federal building….

Waiters paid by whatever government contractor manages the center circulated after the movie ended, serving little trays of government contract-purchased hors d’oeuvres to people who had just cheered lustily for a couple hours of anti-tax, anti-government rhetoric. The contradictions didn’t end there. The crowd that gathered to watch a movie about people shouting at Congress began the night by listening politely to a panel discussion featuring Sen. Jim DeMint, three sitting members of the House and ex-House Majority Leader Dick Armey. The film celebrates the grass-roots spirit that tea party organizers say drives what they do, but the premiere was thrown by FreedomWorks, a conservative lobbying and policy outfit funded heavily by big corporate donors and right-wing foundations. FreedomWorks, which Armey chairs. At least the group had a sense of humor about that last bit; instead of a red carpet, the movie’s producers and other bigwigs entered the auditorium on a swatch of AstroTurf, complete with football and soccer line marks.

You can read more here and here.

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