FBI was warned about Scott Roeder before he shot Dr. Tiller

From the Associated Press:

More than a month before the shooting of a high-profile abortion doctor, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Kansas City received an anonymous letter warning that the man now charged in the case “would do physical harm” to Dr. George Tiller or any other abortion provider, the agency said.

The story gets strange after that – Mark Archer, the man who contacted the FBI turns out to have been involved with the same woman as Roeder – Roeder impregnated her, Archer later married her.  So he had ulterior motives, and of course his warnings were not specific enough for the authorities to act on, so nothing came of it.

Still – this story suggests that Scott Roeder was known to be a dangerous character before he pulled the trigger in front of Tiller’s church.

You can read the AP story here, Democracy Now’s coverage here and some reactions here and here.

Scott Roeder, accused of killing Dr. George Tiller

Scott Roeder, accused of murdering Dr. George Tiller

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