Paul Ibbetson – only one shower required after watching our movie

Paul A. Ibbetson

Paul A. Ibbetson

Radio host and former Cherryvale, Kansas police chief Paul A. Ibbetson finally got a look at the movie “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” a few weeks after publishing a lengthy diatribe against it which invoked both Michael Moore and Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

A generous man, Ibbetson nontheless defended our right to make the movie (whew!):

Despite the fact that this documentary will most likely be a film more accurately depicting the image of Michael Moore than the people of Kansas, I defend its creation and dissemination as I do its inspiration in Thomas Frank’s book. Why? Because, the ultimate value in this case, beyond the necessity of free speech in a free country, is that the educated viewer has the opportunity to learn important insights into the people that create books and movies on sensitive subjects for the purposes of advancing personal agendas.

The movie screened for free last week in Manhattan, Kansas, near where Mr. Ibbetson lives (Christopher Renner, who organized the screening, filed a recent dispatch on how it went.)

So was it as contrary to American values and heinously unfair as Paul expected?

As a life-long Kansan, my experience was two-fold. First, the imagery of the movie has some very stunning footage of hay fields and country homes that was very beautiful to view. It is hard to deny the physical beauty of this state, and I admit to being biased with that opinion.

So far, so good.  But then:

I am afraid to report that when I compared Thomas Frank’s book, which I believe was a cheap hatchet job on the majority of the people of Kansas, and the 2009 Cohen/Winston documentary of the same name, I found that the apple does not fall very far from the tree.

Then the hatchet falls:

The reward from viewing this film is that I can now share my knowledge of the levels of usage of direct and indirect propaganda that were present….

Contrary to the style of Moore, Cohen and Winston use indirect propaganda in that they do not act in the film or give a running narrative to the film; however, they show you a filtered view of reality that fits the message they want viewers to receive. They avoid focusing viewers on the Republican’s landslide victories throughout time, but instead focus upon their defeats.

Hey, Paul, if we could’ve fixed the 2006 elections for you, we’d have been happy to.

They could show you Christians that have had positive outcomes putting their views and beliefs into political work, but instead the movie is fixated on the sad outcome of the church that found itself at Wild West World.

Apparently he dozed off during an early section of the movie detailing, from the point of view of the victors, how conservative Christians used the 1991 Summer of Mercy protests to launch one electoral victory after another and transform Kansas politics for a generation.

And Ibbetson must have been out on an extended shoe-scraping break while one of the movie’s main characters, the precocious eighteen-year old Christian home-schooler Brittany Barden, was making a rapid ascent into the Republican elite.

Apart from the perils of Christianity, the film was a liberal smorgasbord of tasty treats, such as the plight of the illegal alien, the stupidity of [President] Bush, the senselessness of the war in Iraq, and if you make some room on your plate, they will just kept coming and coming.

We appreciate the pun on “liberal.”  He might appreciate that the Iraq war critics in the movie are all staunch conservatives.

He does retain a soft spot for one of the movie’s characters:

The main star of the documentary is without a doubt the disgruntled former Republican, Donn Teske. Teske, a (Frank-friendly) resource from the 2004 book, pops up throughout the film in such beautiful Kansas activities, such as riding the tractor and grilling hamburgers. He is truly a lovable character, and even when we get to the end of the film and he is shown to be quite the left leaner, we almost love him too much to care.

Hear that, liberals?  Brush up on your tractor-driving.

Mr. Ibbetson concludes:

In the end, while less grandiose and repugnant than some films that have found their way to the public, what we have here is another propaganda film attacking conservative Christian values. Yes, in the end, sometimes being right is downright painful.

Oh, the pain.  You can read his entire review here.


  1. DC - Host of CRA Radio
    October 23, 2009

    Ibbetson’s a brave guy to step into your liberal Utopian propaganda bubble. Knowing Paul, I respect his review of your “second tier” Michael Moore-like smear campaign against Christianity and average Americans. Hell… I respected his first review even when I knew he didn’t see the film! Who has the watch this crapfest to know it’s the same tiring liberal propaganda that only delusional government educated fools buy into? Thumbs way down on the film, but five stars to Paul Ibbetson!


  2. Joe Davis
    October 23, 2009

    Your comment about the 2006 election actually supports Paul’s comments, “avoid focusing viewers on the Republican’s landslide victories throughout time, but instead focus upon their defeats.”

    I will give you the credit due for admitting that your movie “will most likely be a film more accurately depicting the image of Michael Moore than the people of Kansas” – even though it seems like you’re whining about how Kansas is not “liberal” enough for your taste.

    It is a shame that the word “liberal” is still used to describe the big-government, fascists currently running the Democrat Party. Liberal, in the true meaning of the word, they aren’t. They are obviously not open to the idea of the right to keep what you earn – as opposed to having some government operative decide to confiscate it to “spread the wealth” (or decide that you are earning too much money to keep more than 50% of it), free speech, freedom of the press, free choice for schools, the right to bear arms, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unless you consider a czar-filled, socialist, nanny-state “liberal.” Not where I come from…

  3. Shane Strange
    October 23, 2009

    Dorothy may not be in Kansas anymore, but there are plenty of scarecrows!! Anybody who believes this waste of video technology is worthy of any kind of praise, is one of those scarecrows. Forever in search of a brain, and forever easily manipulated by any form of multimedia that possesses empty emotion, mindless propaganda, and worn out socialist liberal talking points.

    Anybody who is capable of thinking for themselves, can see right through the empty, kindergarten level rhetoric in this junior high school AV club production, and see it for what it truly is. A bunch of angry neanderthals who denounce Christianity, and freedom because it is what their leaders tell them to do, rather than forming an intelligent, informed consensus on their own, because of a severe lack of capability in that area to perform that duty.

    Paul A. Ibbetson was not only right in his review of this idiotic display of lobotomized production, but he was also way too nice in his assessment. He is a very brave man to enter into a theater with the stench of body odor, smelly feet emanating from the sandals of those unwashed hippies, the nauseating aroma of tofu and hemp, and the intelligence quotient of the whole group of liberals equaling that of the very scarecrows they are, to watch something that is so far beneath his own intelligence level, that he narrowly escaped a serious reduction of his own intelligence.

    At the very least, he will need some therapy to try to remove the layer of scum left on his brain from this experience. I just praise G-d, that he made it through this experience with only minor discomfort, and an increased level of awareness where true idiocy is concerned.


  4. Amy - Host of AllOutAmy
    October 23, 2009

    Paul has his thumb on the pulse of Conservatives in this country. He’s spot on. Like it or not, you progressives parading around under the “liberal” heading need to wake up and realize that the Christian base is a force to be recon with when we decide NOT to turn the other cheek. Slowly but surely we are realizing that turning the other cheek when you’re dealing with people who are completely Godless is not going to cut it. Prepare for much more in the form of scathing reviews, boycotts of movies and Hollyweird in general. We’re starting to put our money where our mouths are and it WON’T be going to progressive liberals.

    So let it be written, so let it be done. 😉

  5. HA HA HA HA, I love how liberals have to hide the truth, when it interferes with their propaganda!!! Took a while to find this thread!! Bury it deeper next time HA HA HA HA!!!



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