What’s the Matter with Glenn Beck?

The Opinionator on the New York Times web site has a good rundown of the buzzing commentary about Glen Beck and the current revival of right wing populism.  Now that Time has featured Beck on the cover, its official: after a quiet spring of Obama Honeymoon (and shock from the disasters of 2008) the conservatives are back.

Are they crazy? Are they racist?  Are they violent?

The main question – why are Beck and his ilk so popular?

Thomas Frank has said, and we agree, that aside from the animus any American with a pulse expects to be directed at the nation’s first black president, the appeal of the right wing populists is that they are directly addressing the anger many Americans feel towards the injustice of the various bailouts to greedy bankers and huge corporations.  Injustices which the Democrats and the Republicans are both complicit.

If conservatives are the only ones who will speak to that anger, they will win the day.

Tea Party, pre-Glen Beck

Tea Party, pre-Glen Beck


  1. BradleyL.
    September 24, 2009


  2. BradleyL.
    September 24, 2009

    PS. it’s not about race at all. And that’s the ONLY talking point the left has in it’s arsonal is when some one raises questions, an challenges the Administrations policies, tactics, and speeches, they’re immediatly labled racists, nazi’s, astroturfers, riot inciting fearmongers, bussed in right winged radicle activists?

    I am neither one of these! Neither Republican, or Democrate.


    GOD Bless

  3. A. Kansan
    September 24, 2009

    In my experience the Kansans I know who tune into Beck et. al. aren’t tuning in looking for unbiased balanced presentations of the issues. They are tuning it looking for some the reinforce their belief something is true when it really isn’t. In Kansas either the left is very strong or the right very weak. As it is the conservatives haven’t been able to make a change, despite controlling the state legislator, many years with conservative at the Governors desk. Every time they try to cut this spending or cut that spending, they discover they will be hurting the very people who voted them into office. Rather than adjust to the reality, they cling to what they want to believe is true.


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