Playing to both sides of the aisle in Kansas

In the wake of Michael Moore, Sasha Baron Cohen, and their counterparts on the right, Non-fiction filmmakers are often accused of preaching only to the choir.  Here at “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” we suffer from an even more vainglorious ambition – we want our movie to be seen by people who disagree with each other.

Well, it looks like we’ll get a truly mixed crowd this weekend in Wichita.  A group apparently called What’s Right with Kansas is encouraging conservatives to show up to a screening of our movie which the Kansas Democratic Party is holding this Friday.

Our friends over at the Kansas Democrat Party are hosting ‘Demofest 2009’ this coming weekend in Wichita. Friday night, Oct. 2nd at 7pm they will be holding a screening of the movie What’s the Matter with Kansas. The screening will be held at the Murdock Theater, 536 N. Broadway St.

We’d like to encourage all our fellow Tea Partiers, 9.12-ers and others who think Kansas is actually an example of what’s Right with America to come out and let the Kansas Democrats know our thoughts.

We couldn’t be more pleased.


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