Great opening weekend in Chicago

We were excitedly looking forward to our home town premiere at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and certainly were not disappointed.  Our post-screening Q & A”s played to packed houses, and as always, you in the audience kept us on our toes.

They were rewarded for sticking around, as we shared with them how we met the people who best online casino populate the movie, and were able to paint such intimate portraits, while not shying away from controversy.

The movie plays every night this week, through Thursday.  If you”re in or near Chicago, you won”t want to miss it.

WS GeneSiskelQA Great opening weekend in Chicago

Q & A after opening night at the Gene Siskel FIlm Center

JoeLauraTom@GeneSiskel Great opening weekend in Chicago

Thomas Frank, Laura Cohen and Joe Winston field queries from the audience

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