Anti-abortion protester shot and killed in Michigan

A member of Operation Save America (a splinter group of Operation Rescue), Jim Pouillon, age 63, was shot and killed at 7:20 am Friday morning, while protesting against abortion outside a high school in Michigan. Authorities say the suspect, Harlan James Drake, age 33, was offended by anti-abortion material that the activist had displayed across from the school all week.

Jim PouillonMissionaries to the Preborn, a Milwaukee-based Pro-Life group Pouillon apparently belonged to, claimed he was carrying this sign, which certainly seems innocuous enough.

However, a closer look at their web site shows Pouillon, on another occasion, standing in front of a truck bearing bloody fetus images.

Still, it’s not obvious how the killer was provoked.

Pro-Life groups such as Operation Rescue have decried the brutality of the killing, and drawn comparisons to the murder of Dr. George Tiller, abortion provider.

Harlan Drake, the accused killer of Mr. Pouillon, has not been linked to any Pro-Choice group.

Without knowing more about the killer and his motives, it’s hard  to know how this violence reflects on the tensions in America over the abortion issue.  Drake also shot and killed Michael Fuoss, age 61, at gravel company outside of town.  Apparently Fuoss was not active on either side of the abortion issue.

One thing we’re wondering:  what was Mr. Drake doing wandering around a high school with a gun at 7:20 in the morning?

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  1. bwd
    September 11, 2009

    Gotta support the shooter here. Stupid to do it in front of a school, but who hasn’t wanted to shoot an anti-abortion terrorist?


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