3 1/2 Stars from Roger Ebert!

“I’ve rarely seen a documentary quite like it. It has a point to make but no ax to grind.” is how Roger Ebert, one of the few remaining giants among film critics, opens his review of “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

Ebert goes on to movingly and succinctly run down the major storylines of the movie, concluding with:

“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” doesn’t connect the dots, nor does it need to. It takes no cheap shots. It is all there to see. These good people are voting against themselves. The current hysteria about health-care reform is another example. Meanwhile, we see a state that is draining population, with empty sidewalks and vacant parking spaces, boarded storefronts and foreclosures, and a certainty that all is God’s will. A billboard outside one town simply says: “Pray for the Election.”

Read the entire review here.


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  1. David Glover
    September 17, 2009

    Another great review: http://okiefunk.com/node/645


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