Tiller’s murderer considering “justifiable homicide” defense

roederScott Roeder, who’s accused of shooting Dr. George Tiller to death in his own church, is hiring lawyer Michael Hirsch to present a “justifiable homicide” defense, according to the Associated Press.  Michael Hirsch has tried this at least once before, defending Paul Hill, who killed an abortion doctor and his bodyguard in Florida in 1994.

When asked whether letting Roeder off the hook for his crime would lead to an “open season” on shooting abortion doctors, Hirsch replied, “It has been open season on unborn children for over 30 years. I think on abortionists there will be a bag limit.”

If anything, this development is bad news for the Pro-Life Movement.  Except for Hirsch, who sounds a bit unhinged, nobody – not even his former Bible study group – wants to claim Scott Roeder as one of their own.  Operation Rescue wasted little time distancing themselves from him.  If Roeder turns his trial into a referendum on the morality of the Pro-Life cause, then that’s who will lose when he is (inevitably) found guilty.

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