Rave Review For NYC Premiere

Joe and Laura had an interview in NYC with TrustMovies on the eve of the 8/6/09 premiere of “What’s The Matter With Kansas” at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Says James van Maanen of TrustMovies:

Because Mr. Winston uses no narration nor commentary, we only hear what the characters on view have to tell us. This is plenty, and we can draw our own conclusions…Although the film spends more time with its Republican, Evangelical participants, we do get to hear and see some of the state’s populist champions, one of whom explains that our country’s radical/populist tradition began in the Midwest states. In the 1912 election, Kansas actually went for socialist Eugene Debs, and some of the work of Margaret Sanger was first published here. Who knew? Not this particular “lefty.”

You can read the whole review here. And still get tickets to the screening here.

More news soon after the premiere!

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