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chicago-reader-rIn this week’s issue, the Chicago Reader named Laura and Joe as “People to Watch” among Chicago filmmakers.  We’re still blushing. A brief excerpt:

Sitting in his dining room in Lincoln Square with his son, Milo, on his knee, director Joe Winston only vaguely resembles the tousled host of This Week in Joe’s Basement, the Chicago Cable Access show he created 20 years ago after graduating from Yale. Today Winston wears a T-shirt that reads, “Save your mind. Kill your television.” He doesn’t own a TV set, despite being an Emmy-nominated editor who’s worked on documentaries for PBS, A&E, Discovery, and HGTV. And with his new feature-length documentary, “What’s the Matter With Kansas?,” based on the best-selling 2004 book by (past Reader contributor) Thomas Frank, Winston is aiming for the big screen.


Laura and Joe in the edit suite. Photo credit: Llyod DeGrane

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