A New York state of mind

So we’re in New York for a few days for our World Premiere screening tonight at Film Society of Lincoln Center.  Even before the screening, we’re getting a taste of New Yorker’s reactions to “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

James van Maanan ruminates on the film on his blog, Trustmovies.  What he saw in our movie left him fascinated, if somewhat unnerved:

Although the movie ends after the 2006 Republican congressional routing, there is no feeling of relief or sense of closure in store. We spend our last minutes with Brittany Barden (shown above, center) at her college, where the fight for Christian control of the USA continues apace. With, as usual, blithe disregard of our country’s founders’ insistence on separation of Church and State, the good pastor explains, “The only hope for America is for the righteous to get involved in politics.” And if the “righteous” happen to be wrong? Yet there’s not a shred of doubt in the mind of any of the evangelicals we see here. This alone should scare the pants off intelligent viewers — at least those who do not imagine themselves to be the recipients of god’s word.

This morning the Village Voice takes this sense of alienation much further – comparing our movie to Borat, which of course takes exactly the opposite approach to filmmaking and is, for those who don’t remember, a comedy, not a documentary.

Unfortunately, the attitude that heartland conservatives are all clueless buffoons is exactly what many Americans think New Yorkers think of them – as evidenced in comments on our Facebook page about these very reviews.

So – just by being here, we’ve picked open the scabs formed after the last few elections.  Hopefully tonight, in the debate which follows our screening, if we can’t manage any healing, we’ll at least get a more detailed prognosis.

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