Confessions of Tiller’s murderer

Scott Roeder, the man accused of shooting Dr. George Tiller, feels “relief and joy” that the doctor is dead, and expects to stay in prison a long time, according to an interview he gave the Kansas City Star. He showed no remorse in his testimony to the Star, calling the killing of abortion doctors “justifiable homicide” and and something he’d been considering for a long time.

Apparently, he shot Tiller on his way to pick up goat milk from a Kansas farm.

Of course, Roeder is furious that the Pro-Life movement wants nothing to do with him.  Troy Newman, head of Operation Rescue, has repeatedly denied that Roeder ever gave money to his organization, or attended any meetings.  “You’d better get your story straight,” Roeder says he told Newman, “because my lawyer said it’d be good for me to show in court that I was supporting a Pro-Life organization.”

This might add interest to his trial — whether or not he succeeds in making it a referendum on the entire Pro-Life movement.

Of the hundred or so letters he’s received since his arrest, Roeder claims that all but a few have been supportive of him and his actions.

You can read the rest of the story here.

One Comment

  1. tosmarttobegop
    July 27, 2009

    Sad really two men lost their lives for nothing, Dr. Tiller was killed in his Church by someone claiming to be doing God’s work. which God does the killer worship? It did not stop abortion, it did not save one child.
    It took the father and grandfather from these who loved him. The Killer threw away his life for nothing as it did not save one child and abortions happened the following morning. His life must not have been worth anything to him to have thrown it away for nothing.


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