Lake of Fire

Dr. Tiller’s murder has truly flayed open the national wounds over the abortion issue.  Conversations on our Facebook page are fascinating but have become rather heated and our YouTube page is starting to resemble a bathroom stall at a truck stop.  The act of killing a man who’s saved so many women’s lives and ended those of so many fetuses seems to anger just about everyone.  Time will tell what the political implications are; we suspect this is actually a huge setback for the Pro-Life cause.

We made What’s the Matter with Kansas? to get past the shouting which so coarsens our national discourse on important issues.  Frankly, much of what has bubbled up from Tiller’s murder has highlighted America’s inability to discuss serious issues.  The morality of abortion is just messier than our culture prepares us for, and plenty of opportunists have honed vivid, simplistic versions of it, one of which appears to have motivated Scott Roeder to exterminate the man he would accuse of mass slaughter of innocents.

For those who can stomach it, the most in-depth cinematic coverage we’ve seen of the abortion issue is Tony Kaye’s three-hour documentary Lake of Fire. It goes where few dare to tread, featuring voices from all sides of the debate (though mostly men, nonetheless very eloquent) and even showing an actual abortion procedure in all its grisly detail.

There’s no narration in the film, but Kaye seems particularly fascinated by those Pro-Life extremists who murder abortion doctors.  When we saw the movie in 2006, we thought this detracted a bit, but today a study of those kind of killers seems especially relevant.  Beautifully photographed and lovingly made, over fifteen years as the filmmaker went bankrupt and suffered other disasters, we recommend Lake of Fire highly.

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