Kansas as a battleground state for abortion

Inevitably, the press has recognized that Kansas has an unusually combative culture when it comes to the abortion debate.   The AP filed a story laying out the recent history.  Here is an excerpt:

In part, it’s a power struggle — conservative Republicans, many of them evangelical Christian, battling over abortion and other hot-button social issues with moderates of their own party and with the Democrats.

“When you get down to the heart of the split among Kansas Republicans, it always comes back to abortion,” said University of Kansas political science professor Burdett Loomis. “It may pop out in gun laws, homeschooling, evolution — but it starts and stops with abortion.”

Unlike many states — where either supporters or foes of abortion hold sway politically — Kansas often seesaws. For example, the Republican-dominated Legislature passed numerous bills to restrict abortions during the past six years, only to see many vetoed by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, now President Barack Obama’s health and human services secretary.

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