Dr. Tiller’s controversial neighbor

We’ve posted a Youtube clip of a scene which never made it into “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”  This clip seems germane to the moment at hand, when the abortion issue is being hotly debated and linked to violence.

The video is a mini-portrait of Choices Medical clinic of Wichita – a Pro-Life medical clinic right next door to the late Dr. Tiller’s abortion clinic.  The video gives you a sense of what Choices does:  try to persuade women who are about to have an abortion to change their mind and carry the baby to term.

We visited Choices several times, met the staff, volunteers and several patients.  The place is clearly mostly about persuasion, not medicine.  As far as we could tell, the only medical procedure Choices practices is the use of an ultrasound machine to show the expectant mother her unborn child.

Nonetheless – their methods are sophisticated and at times subtle – much more so than most Pro-Choicers would believe, based on their experience with Pro-Life protestors and extremists.  We met several women who were clearly grateful for the advice and assistance Choices provided them, and none who bore them a grudge (although, truthfully, we didn’t look too hard.)

Meanwhile, what will Choices do now that Tiller and his clinic are gone?  They say they’ll continue as before.

As we’ve said before – we have no interest in trying to resolve the abortion debate or change anyone’s mind.  However, we think it’s eye-opening to see the breadth of the Pro-Life activist community and what they’re up to.

If you oppose abortion, we certainly prefer Choices’ approach to Scott Roeder’s (as do every single one of the dozens of passionate Pro-Lifers we met in Wichita.)

If you favor abortion rights, which are eroding in most parts of the country, you’d better have a good story to counter the one presented by Choices Medical Clinic.

You can view the clip here, on our Youtube page.

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