Dancing with the devil

As gay pride parades took place across the country yesterday — including one in Wichita — some gay rights activists in Texas decided to show pride in a different way: by attending an infamously anti-gay church.  They went en masse to the San Antonio congregation of firebrand pastor John Hagee, sporting buttons that read: The only things distinguishing them from the rest of the congregation were the small buttons they wore that read: “Gay? Fine by Me.”

Apparently, the biggest surprise from the gay activists was that the conservatives were nice people, and the biggest surprise from the conservatives was that the gay activists weren’t “radicals.”  They all played nice — each side dancing with its own devil.  There were no miracles, but there did seem to be something approaching genuine dialogue, or at least the beginnings of it.  There has to be something Scriptural about that.

My own church in Chicago had a bit of a different M.O. that day.  We had a contingent marching in our city’s gay pride parade, and at the church service itself, Pastor Nanette Sawyer preached on “Loving Day” — a day every year marking the Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia that states couldn’t ban interracial marriages — while relating the case to modern-day struggles for marriage equality. But that’s just us.

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