Tomorrow night’s panel

We just learned who will be on the panel to discuss “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” after tomorrow night’s screening at the Navy Memorial Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

Joe Winston, the director of the movie, and Thomas Frank, the author of the book it is based on, will share the stage with Cameron Lynch, Executive Vice President of the Bipartisan Policy Center (a sponsor of the Politics on Film Festival) and  John Feehery, President of The Feehery Group.

Mr. Lynch says (about the Politics on Film Festival) “Movies are more than entertainment, in an increasingly interconnected world, films educate, advocate, expose and examine crucial public policy topics.” Feehery is a regular guest on CNN’s Situation Room, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Bloomberg Television’s Money and Politics program.  Thomas Frank has been on every talk show that airs in the U.S. except perhaps Oprah.  Joe Winston was once featured on the Today Show for his antics hosting a cable-access TV series from his basement.

Also — thanks to Iowa Underground, Wonkette and Instaputz for shout-outs.  Oh, and Wonkette:  funny you should accuse Kansas of destroying America, since most Kansans would say the same about Washington, D.C.

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