Still more thoughts on Dr. Tiller

The discussion on our Facebook page has been fascinating, here are some excerpts:

Connie Volkman at 12:23pm May 31
And what’s the matter with the so called Christians? They are not the Christinas that I associate with.
Alex MacKenzie at 12:28pm May 31
Angel Fasulo at 12:29pm May 31
Patrice Lamoree at 12:32pm May 31
Not surprising. These ARE the people who were/are all gung-ho to Invade and Occupy Iraq. The people who, even once it was demonstrated that WE WERE LIED to, STILL approve of the killing of 1,000,000 Iraqis, most of whom NEVER were, and never would have been, a threat to U.S. There is such a thing as genuine Pro-Life values, but what passes for conventional “Pro-Life” values poitically is LIES and HYPOCRISY. These are the people that Sam Brownback will represent when he runs for governor.
Tim Classen at 12:36pm May 31
Murder to show that “murder” is wrong. Brilliant!
Paul May at 12:36pm May 31
Late term abortion provider… Does not surprise me.
Patrice Lamoree at 12:45pm May 31
This act is another demonstration of why I may agree with these people in Principle, but I do not agree with them in practice, because, in practice, they ARE the same thing as that which they claim to abhor, just ask the 10s of thousands of dead Iraqi Children – if you could.

Just extrapolate their willingness to act as “God” into, say something such as, a Long Term Care environment in which decisions about who gets the benefit of what Business dollars ARE going to be made.

Angel Fasulo at 12:47pm May 31
I would have a 24 yr old child today if this facility was not an option & the choice I was pushed into didn’t happen – it wasn’t a late-term, regardless Abortion is wrong. I wish I would’ve realized I had a voice & a choice (adoption) way back then. The man who killed my child gets killed on my 40th b-day – brings back some feelings I haven’t had in a long time. I do pray for his loved ones. Murdering him was wrong too. This world is a crazy place, but some people in it are even crazier.
Enid Bos at 12:52pm May 31
His killer should be classified as a terrorist – Regardless of how we feel about his actions, this was a politically motivated killing.
Angel Fasulo at 12:53pm May 31
Angel Fasulo at 12:54pm May 31
2 wrongs do not equal 1 right
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