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Still more thoughts on Dr. Tiller

The discussion on our Facebook page has been fascinating, here are some excerpts:

Connie Volkman at 12:23pm May 31

And what’s the matter with the so called Christians? They are not the Christinas that I associate with.

Alex MacKenzie at 12:28pm May 31


Angel Fasulo at 12:29pm May 31


Patrice Lamoree at 12:32pm […]

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More thoughts on Dr. Tiller

Everyone with a stake in the abortion issue seems to have an opinion on Dr. Tiller’s murder and what it means.  The Wichita Eagle has been collecting some choice responses.  Here are some selections:
Operation Rescue
We are shocked at this morning’s disturbing news that Mr. Tiller was gunned down. Operation Rescue has worked for years through […]

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Controversial abortion doctor George Tiller shot to death in Wichita

Dr. Tiller was gunned down today as he was heading into church in Wichita.
Dr. George Tiller is one of the few doctors in the country willing to perform certain kinds of late-term abortions – women fly in from all over the world to see him.  This alone would make him controversial, especially in a town […]

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Chat completed on Firedoglake

Whew!  We just pounded our keyboards and hit refresh through a spirited and furious ninety-minute web chat on Firedoglake.  For now, you can read the chat here.  If that link fails, try here, where it’ll be permanently archived.  Thanks to Lisa Derrick and everybody else at FDL, we had a great time answering smart questions!

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Firedoglake to host Laura and Joe for Movie Night 5/18/09

Firedoglake, a leading progressive blog, is hosting Laura and Joe for Movie Night, a real-time discussion via the web about movies with a social or political bent.
Past guests include Margaret Cho, John Cusack, Danny Elfman, Gini Reticker and Janet Bryant, Rachel Goslins, David Mogiliani and Stefan Forbes, so we are some of the least famous […]

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Politics on Film Festival screening

Last night, we screened the movie at the first ever Politics on Film Festival in Washington, D.C.  The venue was the Navy Memorial Auditorium, a very nice theater with great big crystal-clear projection.  In this age of viewing movies on iPhones and digital downloads, it’s still fantastic to see this movie on a big screen, […]

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Twittering from Politics on Film

OK, so we’re going to try to Twitter from the Politics on Film Festival.  We’re a little short-handed because Laura had to stay home with our 16-month old son Milo, who’s not feeling well.  So Joe is travelling alone and new at Twitter.  Our screen name is WTMWK.  Here is our Twitter home page.

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Tomorrow night’s panel

We just learned who will be on the panel to discuss “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” after tomorrow night’s screening at the Navy Memorial Auditorium in Washington, D.C.
Joe Winston, the director of the movie, and Thomas Frank, the author of the book it is based on, will share the stage with Cameron Lynch, Executive Vice […]

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Great review in Variety

OK, so were’ just a little excited to see a very kind review of our movie by Variety Managing Editor Ted Johnson.  Here’s an excerpt:
One of the highlights of the Politics on Film festival in D.C. this weekend will be the docu version of Thomas Frank’s book,“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” ….What makes “What’s the […]

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Our favorite blog comment of the day

Nfidel of Greensboring says that just viewing our movie trailer made ’em feel “as if I were in a time warp.”

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Dan Glickman: a bad economy can turn people to the right

Dan Glickman, now head of the MPAA, appears in “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” reminiscing about his defeat as a longtime Democratic Congressman from Wichita (filmmakers’ note: we’ve never heard a politician reflect on a lost election with such honesty and good humor as Mr. Glickman did for us.)
Speaking at a panel in advance of […]

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