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Return of the conservative populists?

David Sirota, writing in Salon, muses that Republicans could revive their fortunes if they embrace populism, as Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul did during the primary campaign, calling Wall Street tycoons “criminals.”
Of course, at some point such rhetoric would need to be backed up by real policy proposals.  And it’s safe to say that Republicans […]

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This week’s web chatter

We noticed some more activity on the blogs this week.  Happy in Bag considers the contrariness that makes Kansans Kansans (we wholeheartedly agree!)  Meanwhile, Otto’s War Room thinks it’s foolish to discredit the role of religion in politics.

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Kansas Populism, then and now

Thomas Frank, in his column in today’s Wall Street Journal, calls the billions of dollars in Wall Street bonuses an outrage, and refers back to, yes, his home state of Kansas and the Populist movement which took the state by storm in the 1890s.
Kansans in the 1890s cried out “raise less corn, and more hell!” […]

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More shout-outs

Thanks to Kansas Jackass, Evolving in Kansas and the KC Pitch Plog for calling attention to our new movie!  Kansans will likely remain our most opinionated audience, even though we think non-Kansans have the most to gain by viewing the film.

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