Who cares What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Obama’s President now, so who cares about the conservatives?  Haven’t they now “lost” the heart of America?  Shouldn’t we just move on?

Well, the election was not a landslide, nor did it redraw the electoral map. Plenty of working-class whites voted for McCain.  And those pesky “wedge” issues are not going away. Mainly what happened was that, all across the country, voters were less likely to vote Republican, and can you really blame them?

Put another way:  will Democrats need a total meltdown of the economy every election cycle?

In the wake of Obama’s election, our movie is more relevant than ever.

Here’s why:

Tom Frank’s book asked the provocative question – why do so many working Americans vote against their economic self-interest?

For our movie, we turned that question around:

Why has conservatism become so appealing to so many Americans who would have sided with liberals in the past?

Even now, twice as many Americans call themselves “conservative” as “liberal.”

In the face of stunning conservative policy failures, that puzzle remains.  And Kansas, with its rich political history, is an ideal place to look for answers.

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