How much has changed with the election of Obama?

This is a bit off-topic for this blog but we couldn’t resist….

“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” director Joe Winston grew up three blocks from the Obama’s house, and did a lot of filming in Hyde Park.  Eighteen years ago, in the spring of 1990, he filmed a series of memorable interviews on black-white race relations in Chicago.

You can see a condensed version on our YouTube page.

The technique was simple: walk the streets in various neighborhoods, and ask black people “what do you think of white people?” and vice-versa.

Understandably, black folks had much more to say.  Many seemed relieved that someone with a camera wanted to listen to them.  But no one’s response was dull.

The program which aired stunned viewers, provoked many letters and calls, won awards, and even was mined by Studs Terkel in writing his book “Race.”

But the most striking thing about it is how fresh these interview bite seem, like they could have been taped yesterday – well, maybe not yesterday, but let’s say, before Obama won election.  Will things be different now with a black president?  We can only hope.

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