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Who cares What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Obama’s President now, so who cares about the conservatives?  Haven’t they now “lost” the heart of America?  Shouldn’t we just move on?
Well, the election was not a landslide, nor did it redraw the electoral map. Plenty of working-class whites voted for McCain.  And those pesky “wedge” issues are not going away. Mainly what happened was […]

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How much has changed with the election of Obama?

This is a bit off-topic for this blog but we couldn’t resist….
“What’s the Matter with Kansas?” director Joe Winston grew up three blocks from the Obama’s house, and did a lot of filming in Hyde Park.  Eighteen years ago, in the spring of 1990, he filmed a series of memorable interviews on black-white race relations […]

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a new filmmaker interview at

Our friend Jim Newberry, Chicago-based photographer and filmmaker, recently interviewed Joe and Laura about the making of “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”
You can read his full interview here.

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